BrightWheel: All You Need To Know About The Childcare Management Software

Brightwheel is a childcare management software mainly for parents and teachers and best fit for school and childcare centers. The cloud-based classroom management software which was founded in 2014 offers school management tools for teachers, parents, and administrators. Brightwheel has several features which allow teachers to keep track of their students and parents to keep track of their children’s school performance.

Brightwheel Features

Brightwheel allows parents to keep record of students and teachers through pin codes, QR code scans, digital signatures or a combination of all three. On the platform, users can track, update and send daily school attendance to parents and teachers (staff). Staff members can also record students’ academic progress through text and voice messages.

Its features include attendance tracking, learning management, daily reporting, and parent engagement

Brightwheel also has a billing feature which enables parents to make tuition payments. The platform also gives parents access to school staff allowing parents to interact with them and receive emergency alerts on their mobile phone. Through the Brightwheel platform, parents are able to gain deeper insight into what their children are learning and monitor their children’s academic progress.

Below is a summary of the features of the Brightwheel platform

Billing & Invoicing

Daily Reports

Employee Management

Check-in / Check-out

Calendar Management

Lesson Plan Management

Mailing List Management

Parent / Child Records

Parent Portal

Whom is the Brightwheel Software Suited For?

Brightwheet is best suited for preschools, childcare providers, afterschool programs and camps

Brightwheel Pricing Plans

Brightwheel offer a free version which includes many of its key features like attendance management, billing, and daily reports. However, it can only take 1 staff member and about 20 students.

There is also a 30-day free trial version that allows you to access all the features of the platform. After the expiration of the free trial period, you can either choose to opt for the premium version or revert back to the free version.

Features of Brightwheel Free Version

Attendance management

Daily reports

Teacher and parent apps

Invoicing & bill payments

1 staff member

20 students

Online help support

The Brightwheel premium version, on the other hand, is the best option as it offers all the features in the Brightwheel platform including some important features like student and staff check-in, calendar management, unlimited staff, unlimited students and support on every communication platform including email, chat, and phone.

The cost of the Brightwheel premium version is not specified on the website and pricing is a monthly fee based on enrollment.

Brightwheel Ratings and Performance

Brightwheel is presently one of the best apps for parents to connect with their children. The app has an approval rating of 4.5 on most online rating sites citing generally favorable reviews.

Most parents commended the simple operating system of the platform and how it allows them to connect with their children. Teachers, on the other hand, commend the record management and billing feature of the platform. The customer service was also commended by parents, teachers, and administrators.

The Brightwheel platform is still fairly new and constantly developing to meet the requirements of the upper levels of education. Presently, the platform is only compatible with lower levels like preschools, camps, and afterschool programs.

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