Essential Fallout Shelter Tips You Must Know

Every true gamer should know Fallout Shelter, one of the addicting games on the iOS and Android platform.

Fallout Shelter has been here since 2015, precisely June 2015 for iOS devices and August 2015 for Android devices. The free-to-play video game is not only one of the best free-to-play video games available but also one which bridges the gap between console and mobile perfectly.

Fallout Shelter is free to download on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and features a vault building and managing simulation. In Fallout Shelter, players build and manage their own vault as the leader of the vault called the Overseer.

Most of the tasks involved in the game involve guiding and directing the citizens of the vault, providing the necessary amenities to keep the citizens happy and other administrative roles you would need to perform as the Overseer.

In this article, we are going to share some Fallout Tips and Tricks you should know to enable you to perform better in the game. While the game has no end which is kind of a disadvantage, you would want to take game quite seriously as you would be making some micro transactions for resources.

Essential Fallout Shelter Tips You Must Know

Plan the Layout

When building the vault, it is essential to have a strategy in place. You will be required to build and position rooms and elevator shafts and how well you make use of the available space will depend on your plans.

Plans and arrangement should have been made for the power plant,water and food storage rooms. Places like a medical center and a science lab can be built in future as there would be increase in the number of dwellers.

While building, start slowly to ensure you save enough critical resources and keep your dwellers happy as overworking the dwellers tend to make them upset.

Take Note Of The Dwellers’ Abilities

In Fallout Shelter, your dwellers posses several special abilities that you need to take note of if you want to get the most out of your shelter.

When you first meet your dwellers, you would not be able to tell of their special skills however knowing these skills means you would know where to assign a dweller that would make the happiness level high and keep your vault running perfectly.

Below is a breakdown of what each attribute in SPECIAL means

Strength: Function best in the power plants and nuclear reactors.

Perception: Best for operation the water treatment and purification plants.

Endurance: Best for exploring outside the vault.

Charisma: Procreators and radio hosts.

Intelligence: Function best the medical centers and science labs.

Agility: Fast, and able to make good food

Luck: Increases your chances of success in the game

Stay Equipped

There are a variety of threats all over the Fallout world and raiders and Radroachers are just a few you would have to worry about. It is important you equip your dwellers with weapons especially those working on the top floor at this would be the first place to be attacked.

Upgrading your vault door is the best way to keep out raiders if you lack adequate weapons to fight against them

Reduce Procreation

While making babies would increase your caps, you would want to stall procreation until you get all your basic resources up online. Although making babies expands your shelter, it is important to hold on as you would require food and water to support the babies and without them, you will make life unhealthy for the babies and other dwellers.

Complete the Objectives

Fallout Shelter introduced quests in July 2016 and fulfilling them will get your more Caps you need to increase your resources. Quests would be simple like delivering a baby or complex like sending about three of your dwellers to explore buildings.

Avoid the Rush function

The rush function accelerates the waiting period for removing supplies from your shelter area to boost your gauge. This is feature can quickly boost your supplies, however, it would lead to some problems in the long run. Fire outbreaks and other disasters are some possibilities that would occur as a result of using this feature.

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